An Absolutely Gorgeous Tankardstown House Wedding

An Absolutely Gorgeous Tankardstown House Wedding

Mimi + Jonathan’s Tankardstown House Wedding


Tell us all about you! What do you do? How do you spend your free time? What's important in life?

Mimi and I are adventurous, family oriented people who love to travel and explore. We have been all around the world experiencing different cultures and getting outdoors. We love hiking and food!! It is always asked where is our next holiday and usually it is somewhere in Asia. Mimi is an only child and has a dog called teddy who is like her brother. Mimi and her Mom are really close and this is very important to us as a family. Teddy will probably be walked up the aisle by one of the bridesmaids. Family is a big thing in our lives and that will be evident on the day. For me I am a people person, I love getting together with friends and especially in an outdoor fashion. Two of my groomsmen and I have climbed 4 mountains in Ireland in 4 days 2 years ago and 3 in 3 days in the UK last year.

Why did you decide to capture your Tankardstown House wedding on video?

We are looking to capture our day and what surrounds it, we really want to capture the atmosphere, the people that combined make our day. Seeing smiles and connections in the moment.

Why did you choose Amber Tree Filmhouse to film your wedding?

Because the quality you give is the best I have seen. Your ability to capture emotion in real life without it looking staged. And you capture light, atmosphere and transition it with music so seamlessly. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of ours!

Tell me all about the proposal! Spare no detail, I want to hear it all!

Firstly when I picked the ring I was in Hong Kong with Mimi, her Mom and her partner. The girls were window shopping for diamonds (As one does) and they came back beaming from ear to ear as she had seen a ring she would love. I am not going to lie she was late coming back and I wanted to see an Ireland rugby game so I was not in the best for form but on seeing her it instantly disappeared. I asked her mom to pick the ring up as she was staying a week later and that was that. For the proposal I had to bring the important things in Mimi’s life, I had booked a weekend away where we could bring Teddy. We were going to Donegal to Lough Eske. I stopped in a town called Muggamore on a beach where we brought Teddy for a walk. I was so nervous. I had learned to propose in Mandarin and all. I got down on one knee, said to her "I have an important question to ask you"....she thought I was going to ask something stupid like "What will we have for dinner later". Instead I said "I went for a walk with Teddy the last day and I said to him that I was going to ask you this important question and he gave me his blessing!!"....her face was of shock, I tried to speak in Mandarin but it only barely came out in English. She said yes and we had champagne on the beach followed by a seafood dinner nearby. The day was amazing.

Why did you choose Tankardstown house as your venue? What made it special to you?

It has a combination of items that we are all about, together it fits our vibes, family oriented, big on all people being in the one location, great food, dog friendly and outdoors.
1. Its dog friendly
2. It has a country vibe which is nice for me being from a farm
3. We get the venue to ourselves, all family and friends.
4. It has a old school class to it followed by a modern, classy dining area
5. Nice grounds for photos and everything is nearby
6. Amazing Food!!
7. It has an outdoor ceremony (rain dependent)


Venue - Tankardstown House
Photography - Nicola Ross Photography

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