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We’re Your Extra Set Of Eyes, Adventure Buddy, Tour Guide and New Best Friend!

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We’re here to help you have the best day EVER!
Which is exactly why we give your wedding everything we have. All of our experience from the past five years of filming and photographing weddings around the world has culminated in our unique approach to your special day. No matter what you need, or where you’re planning on saying your vows we’re on hand to help. We’ll be your witnesses if you need it, we’re here to fix your dress, straighten that bow-tie, and even help you find other kickass wedding suppliers! Whatever it is, we’re on hand to give you as much help and guidance as you need.

Why do we care so much?

Because we believe you deserve to have the best experience and that’s what matters most to us!


Hi there! I’m Sam! That’s me on the right standing roughly 600m above sea level at Slieve League in Donegal, with a sheer drop into the sea behind me. I’m the face behind Amber Tree Filmhouse and when I founded the company five years ago I never thought I’d be so lucky to have documented the stories of so many incredible couples all over the world!
I love to travel and so far have set foot on every continent except Australia. Which will no doubt change some day soon!! Aside from exploring I also love riding around our beautiful coastline blowing off the cobwebs from my vintage Italian motorbike, cooking up crazy travel plans with my friends, and absolutely anything to do with my four legged best friend, Korra. I seriously LOVE dogs!!

For me, weddings are the perfect blend of everything I love about life and they always leave me feeling amazing inside. Getting to be a small part of my couples’ story as they begin their lives as newlyweds is hands down the best job in the world!
As someone who has spent a huge part of their life travelling, exploring and being outdoors my respect for our beautiful blue planet only keeps growing. The places you can find me most at peace is out traipsing around forests, up the sides of mountains and dipping my feet in a cold stream. But above all that I love spending time with genuine people and hearing the stories they have to tell.

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Over the years we have cultivated a simplistic and subdued approach to our work. We leave behind all of the big and bulky equipment that you might see on film and television sets and focus on a much more lightweight and unobtrusive set of tools. All of our camera gear is small, compact and most importantly allows us to blend into the background of the hustle and bustle of your day.

Our documentary style of shooting allows us to capture the moments that unfold around us in the most natural way possible, ensuring that every smile, laugh and happy tear that we capture is genuine and truly heartfelt.

We love to keep things simple and focus on what really matters in our work. You, your love for each other, and everything and everyone that’s brought you to this moment.
Stripping our kit back to the bare essentials has allowed us to master our use of light, composition and storytelling and we’re always so excited to be able to create something special that reflects your love.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.
— Anais Nin