Welcome to Amber Tree Filmhouse

We’re a hand picked crew of passionate photographers, cinematographers and storytellers. Capturing moments and turning them into timeless imagery is what we love more than anything else. We believe bringing stories to life and preserving them forever is the best job in the world.

But that’s enough about us! Let’s talk about you!!

Hopefully you’ve found us because you know you deserve to have the best, most amazing and unforgettable wedding ever. You’re here because, like us, you value capturing memories for years to come. You believe that weddings should be about you and not the performance and production for everyone else. Simply put, you aren’t afraid of showing your real selves and want to celebrate your love without fear.


 When we capture your memories we make sure to show the real you. A wedding day isn't just about the rings and the "I do's", it's about everything that brought you to that moment. We know that every laugh, every smile and every happy tear has come from a lifetime of adventure, experiences and love for each other.

Our work has allowed us to follow in the adventures of people in love all over the globe. From the blistering pace of life in the city of San Francisco, to the raw beauty of the Scottish Highlands and even as far as the stunning plains of South Africa. We will travel anywhere there is a story to be told.



We aren’t just photographers and filmmakers. We’re image takers, memory makers, explorers of the heart, and starting from now we’re your new best friends. If you love love as much as we do then it's probably more than a coincidence...
we must be made for each other!


Do you feel the mountains calling? Or maybe a quiet bay near a beach holds a special place in your heart. Elopements aren’t for everyone but for those couples who love to travel, make their own mark on the world or even just want to have something more intimate and less stressful, it could be the perfect solution. As world travellers we love to watch couples cross the globe to say their “I do’s” and we love it even more if we get to be a part of that adventure. If you are planning a wedding like this you can rest assured that we already have our bags packed. Just let us know where we’re headed!



At home here outside Belfast there are no shortage of incredible venues and places to tie the knot. We have travelled to the farthest corners of our small island to cover the most intimate and beautiful weddings and we’re still just as excited as we were when we began our journey of capturing these memories. If you’re planning on getting married anywhere in the UK and Ireland feel free to get in touch!! Our approach to creating wedding films means we are always keeping our equipment load to a minimum and operating unobtrusively. We keep things simple so we can focus on what really matters. Your love.