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If you haven't gathered by now, we don't just show up and shoot your wedding. We love 'love', we love what we do and most importantly we love hearing how much our couple's love our work! It's such a privilege to do what we do, we're not just creative story tellers, we're the extra set of eyes, the reliable friend, your personal sounding board, all to give you the confidence to celebrate your wedding exactly how you want to! Remember, it's our aim to make sure your wedding imagery is a true reflection of you!

We're passionate about individuals, we're passionate about our cameras and passionate about weddings. For us this isn't a numbers game, we only take on a select number of weddings a year to make sure we can bring out the best in both our work and your big day together.

Don't be afraid to contact us by using our snazzy contact form! We love hearing the ping of our inbox lighting up with new messages! With our photography collections starting at £1200 and our cinematography collections at £1600 we can guarantee to create phenomenal imagery that will stay with you forever.