Beautiful Love Story in the Foothills of the Mourne Mountains

Beautiful Love Story in the Foothills of the Mourne Mountains

Mamie + Cormac’s Slieve Donard Hotel Wedding

Tell us all about you! What do you do? How do you spend your free time? What's important in life?

What we do: We are junior doctors working in the NHS in South London. I am in psychiatry training and Cormac is going to apply for anaesthetics training in the future. Free time: Honestly after a long day, our favourite thing is to kick back and watch Netflix together! We like going out to different restaurants or going to street food markets in London as well. When we have a bit more free time we like to travel or be outdoors/go hiking. What's important in life: It's cheesy but the most important thing we have is each other. We also want to enjoy our work, spend time with family and friends, and stay healthy and happy.

Why did you decide to capture your Slieve Donard Hotel wedding on video?

It would be nice to look back, or almost be transported back to that time. I think it will be generally be fun and emotional/touching to watch.

Why did you pick Amber Tree Filmhouse to film your wedding?

We liked the style/editing! I think I mentioned before that our favourite was the the Kellie and Colin highlights film. We liked the balance of upbeat and sentimental.

Tell me all about the proposal! Spare no detail, I want to hear it all!

Cormac planned a four-day trip to the Lake District for end of March 2018. A month before he had called my parents in Canada to give them a heads up. On the second day while we were hiking between Ambleside and Patterdale, he waited until we got to somewhere with a view but away from other hikers (somewhere called Scandale Pass) when he turned around to me to start his proposal and got down on one knee. We still had a few hours to go on the hike and spent the evening in a pub and quaint B&B in Patterdale. It was a surprise because he seemed pretty relaxed on the trip and had let me rummage through our rucksacks regularly (he had kept the ring in a small compartment for the waterproof cover and thought I would never look there - and of course, I hadn't).

Why did you choose the Slieve Donard Hotel? What made it special to you?

The Mournes have been very special to us because it was at the top of Slieve Donard that we first said the words "I love you" (in 2014). It was also my first time in Northern Ireland and meeting Cormac's parents. We met in the Medics Mountaineering society at Imperial and that's why all our table names will be named after some of our favourite hikes.

Venue - Slieve Donard Hotel
Photography - Simple Tapestry

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