Planning weddings is hard. Trust us, we know! You'll have loads on your mind on the run up to your big day. Organising a wedding can be a nightmare and you probably have lists of things you need, lists of things you want, lists of things you don't want, guest lists, lists of possible table plans... and there will undoubtedly be lists for things you haven’t even thought of yet!

Getting everything planned and ready takes time and effort, and we try to make booking and working with us on your wedding day as painless as possible. To help you out with that we've made another list for you!

So without further ado, I present to you THE ULTIMATE WEDDING CHECKLIST!

✔ Stumble across your soul mate, get together, get engaged.

✔ Tell your friends, celebrate and PARTY HARD.

✔ Find the perfect wedding cinematographers (hopefully it's us!) to capture your day.

☐ Tell us about you. What gets you up in the morning? How did you meet? What do you love about each other? Oh, and probably your wedding plans too...

☐ Get to know each other. We're going to spending one of the biggest days of your lives together, lets meet up and grab a coffee!

☐ Take a break from wedding planning. Go for a weekend getaway, marathon your favourite films or TV shows, whatever it is you do just DON'T talk about the wedding. Talk about life, laugh, and fall in love with each other all over again.

☐ Sit down and really think about why you love each other. Remember the feelings you had on your first date, hold on to them, write them down, allow those feelings to become unique material for your wedding vows and speeches.

☐ Ask around about your family traditions. Don't have any? Make up your own! It's your day and you can do what you want, and besides a tradition needs to start somewhere!

☐ Make the day yours. We love it when a couple have a wedding that really shows who they are. There are no rules when it comes to weddings so you don't have to do it the same as everyone else!

☐ Have an incredible wedding day. You've made it this far! All that's left now is to have the best day EVER! We'll be capturing all of your special moments on film forever. As cinematographer's it's our duty!