Did you know we absolutely LOVE to shoot weddings at Larchfield Estate? Don't worry if you didn't know because we only just found out recently as well! On the 17th October we were lucky enough to be a part of Gillian and Stuarts big day at Larchfield Estate, the first time we'd ever been there, and honestly we fell in love with the venue as much as we did with this incredible couple!

Gillian and Stuart met in Scotland during a night out with their friends and there's quite literally evidence to show that Gillian was initially not a big fan of her now husband. Don't believe us? Just check out this photograph of when they first met!

Do you see how unamused Gillian is over Stuart's advances? We honestly think it's hilarious how they've come so far since then! It was quite a story to be told during the speeches as well!

We're so glad that these two did meet though, as they're such a genuine and cool couple to be around. We felt right at home whilst filming the wedding and couldn't wait to bring their story to life!
The whole day was absolutely gorgeous from start to finish, the sun was out and the company was great. We shot so much footage that it was difficult to choose what shots to choose for the short film! Eventually, after countless hours editing we finally created something that truly encapsulated how great this couple were and the general feel of the whole day.

Watch Gillian and Stuarts incredible Larchfield Estate wedding and have a look at some of our favourite stills below!

All that's left to say is a MASSIVE thank you to both Gillian and Stuart for letting us be part of their big day together, we can't wait to see where life takes you both on your next big adventure!
Also a big thanks to Larchfield Estate for having such an incredible venue, and also to Natalie Doherty Photography for being a great laugh and fantastic company on the day!