Wow, what a busy few months it's been! It would be easy to say that we've been run off our feet, although to be honest we've spent more time in the edit suite than anything else! It's a good thing that we enjoy all this hard work.

July 2015

Alexa and Reece

We actually filmed Alexa and Reece's wedding way back at the beginning of May and had an absolute blast. The only problem was that the weather conspired against us and the photoshoot session was called off.

We couldn't just let it sit and end there, so after the newly married couple got back from their honeymoon we sent them an email asking if they wanted to organise a second shoot date to capture some great footage for their wedding film. Thankfully they did and at the beginning of the month we filmed the 'missing' part of their wedding day.

Click here to watch Alexa and Reece's wedding film.

Jill and Aaron

When Jill and Aaron contacted us we couldn't wait to film their wedding! When we showed up on the 24th June to shoot we felt right at home amongst their family and the bridal party. Grabbing a shot here, a different angle there and capturing more than our fair share of intimate moments it actually became quite a task to choose which shots were going to make it into the short film!

The shot below though was always destined to make it into the wedding film. It's easily the highest contender for our best shot of the year! It's understandable though, as Jill and Aaron chose the

Orange Tree House

as their reception location, which is an absolutely stunning space!

Click here to watch Jill and Aaron's wedding film.


The last time we worked with the Maverick boys was back in December, just before Christmas. We hired an aircraft hangar and got some awesome shots for their first music video with us. We filmed the majority of their new music video last month at the Belfast Empire, which is an incredible location with so much opportunity. We imagine we'll probably be back there in the future to shoot some more!

At the beginning of July we filmed some rain footage with our homemade rain machine at night in the middle of the countryside. It was dark, freezing cold and we got to stay completely dry! Pity the Maverick guys didn't!

Once we had wrapped the shoot it became time to sit down and put some serious effort into editing this new video. It has to be better than the last one after all! We spent weeks, syncing guitar solos, dropping in drum shots and sending plenty of updates to the band. Once we had the basic layout of the edit confirmed we then set about adding in dynamic effects to really give the edit some impact.

We're really happy about how the whole thing turned out and we hope Maverick have a blast when they go touring around Europe in the coming months!

Click here to watch Maverick - Got It Bad

August 2015

We spent the majority of August helping out other wedding videographers such as Cinematic Tide and various others as their wedding schedules were absolutely manic! We don't have any photos or footage to show for it ourselves but at least when the couples' wedding films are released we'll be able to sit back, watch it and know that we played a vital part in making it all happen.

Sian and Simon

Right at the very end of August we got to film Sian and Simon's big day! We were really looking forward to this wedding as the pair live and work in London but brought all of their English friends and family over to Belfast to share in their wedding celebrations!

To say that the wedding venue was incredible is an understatement. Have you ever seen the inside of Malone House!? It's HUGE!!

Sian and Simon were the second pair of winners from our Valentine's Day competition and we're looking forward to getting the chance to sit down, look the footage and edit everything together. that's all we have for this roundup post. We'll see you again next month!