It's pretty fair to say that we've been very lax when it comes to our social media and content sharing as of late, but that doesn't mean that we've been sitting around and twiddling our thumbs every day! In fact that couldn't be farther from the truth!

In order to set things straight we've decided to try our best to make a roundup post every month (or two) to show you guys exactly what happens behind the scenes at Amber Tree Filmhouse.

As this is our first blog post since February, a truly appalling effort, we have a lot to cover. So much so that we're just going to highlight our best bits!

March 2015

We spent a lot of time in the edit suite this month. Between doing rush edits for our friends over at Cinematic Tide and Speedmotion Films we also worked on an incredibly intensive animation right before Easter, to be released on Good Friday!

It was tough work but overall an incredibly rewarding project to work on.

We also had the opportunity to work with Jim Crone, a massively talented DP from Northern Ireland, alongside an emerging rock band 'The Irontown Diehards'. Their finished music video is below.

April 2015

April was a month of extremes for us. On one hand we had an incredible amount of filming to do for other companies and then on the other hand we had what felt like one of the longest and most confusing jobs on the planet.

The highlight of this month though was heading over to Loch Lomond in Scotland to film a wedding for NUVU Photography. It was such a great wedding and a stunning location! I mean who wouldn't want to get married with this kind of view?!?!

May 2015

We were super excited when May came round because we got to film Alexa and Reece's wedding! They were the first couple to be randomly chosen from our Valentine's Day competition and after speaking to them we really got to understand how much they loved each other and what they had planned for their big day.

Unfortunately on the day of the wedding the elements tried to conspire against us in an attempt to cancel the ceremony which was being held inside a


. Yes, that's right.

A tipi

. How cool is that?

Luckily everything carried on without a hitch and Alexa and Reece successfully tied the knot!

June 2015

Things got pretty hectic for us when June came round. We worked alongside various others on a number of different projects and were even brought on, pretty last minute, to help at a wedding.

Aside from that we also finally got to film Jill and Aaron's wedding which was absolutely incredible from start to finish! These pair are a very genuine couple and we got some incredible footage from their big day. Don't believe us? Just wait until we get their wedding film edited and released into the untamed wilds of the internet!

We also began to shoot Maverick's latest and greatest music video for their favourite song "Got It Bad" from their debut album "Quid Pro Quo". We're quite excited to get back on set with these guys as they are really good fun to work with. Plus we have a few surprises up our sleeves that will be making it into the video, so that's something to look forward to!