We often hear the phrase "Romance is dead". And in today's modern world it would be very easy to believe, especially considering how we have streamlined everything to perfection, including our social lives and interactions with each other. However, if you look past the hustle and bustle of society you'll see that romance is still alive and kicking, and if anything it's slightly more exciting than it was before!

You see, the idea of romance as you know it was formed centuries ago when it was common to court a lady with your well-worn and finely honed wit, writing letters that were tantamount to small novels, purchasing the finest trinkets to show affection and lavishly playing to your artistic and musical strengths.

Nowadays letters have been swapped out with short, frequent texts and trinkets most likely replaced by a massive bar of chocolate. 

This is all well and good of course however why is it that everyone still believes romance is well and truly dead? And more importantly how can we fix this?

Honestly the best way to rectify this is to work in classic, tender, old school gestures of love and affection into your daily lives. No we're not suggesting that you write your significant other a sonnet or attempt to buy them an island retreat. Instead here's a quick roundup of the things that we find the most romantic!

1 - Hugs from behind

Who doesn't love hugs? They're warm, reassuring and infinitely better when they're from the person you love more than life itself. Hugs from behind are surprising and allow you to completely melt into your lovers arms.

2 - Walks on the beach

Not just the normal kind though. Make it fun, make it interesting! Run up ahead, write something in the sand and call your partner forward to look at what you 'found'. Alternatively try and make sand sculptures of each other!

3 - It's the little things...

You love your partner. Of course you do! But sometimes it's hard for people to love themselves the way you love them. We're about to change that! Tell your partner why you love them, list all of their good points, tiny habits, the way their smile brightens your day, oh and don't forget that cute freckle hiding on their back! The point is to make them aware that you notice and really care about them, even if it's the littlest of little things!

4 - Kings and Queens

Want to make the art of romancing more fun? Have a King or Queen day! This means one of you now has complete control of the other for the whole day. Feel like having an upper back massage? Simply say the word and your partner has to do it! A word of warning though! Don't be too mean to your underling as they may return the favour with interest when it's their turn the next time!

5 - Wear a signature scent

Find a scent that makes them blush. Some scientists somewhere with too much time on their hands have discovered that particular smells make your partner go nuts for you. If it makes them blush or smile you're onto a winner! Don't lather yourself in it though, you don't want to suffocate your significant other in an overpowering wave of scent!

6 - Write a love letter

Remember point number three? All of that practicing verbalising what you love about your partner will really help you out here! If you're heading away for a few days on a trip be sure to write a love letter with everything you'll miss about them until you get back. It doesn't even have to be sappy! Chances are you know each others sense of humour and can make things side splittingly hilarious. Go the extra mile and actually post it to your address or even add a touch of your signature scent to the letter!

7 - Petal trail

Next time your partner is out of the house grab some roses, or any other pretty flowers, and leave a trail of petals throughout the house. Lead them to the bedroom and have everything you need for the night already prepared. Wait for them to come home and enjoy a night you're both unlikely to forget for a long time!

As a final piece of advice don't try all of these in one day! You'll only be making it harder for yourself in the future. Also, remember to take the time to talk and listen to each other, you've taken the time to grow to love each other so you should also be sure to know what it is that makes each of you tick.

As you can see we believe the art of romance isn't dead, we just think more people need pointed in the right direction! More ideas to keep your romantic life alive will come to you eventually and even if you think they're silly ideas your partner is bound to love them. After all you took the time to make them feel special and at the end of the day that's what romance is really all about!